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I recently purchased a late 1800's farmhouse with barn about the same age. Two questions: 1. Pole barn style horse stalls were attached to the barn wall in the last 10 yrs. there is no flashing between the wood barn wall and metal roof. The barn siding is vertical. What is the proper way to install flashing for this application? 2. The wooden barn has a hodgepodge of metal roofing materials applied directly to the rafters. It is no longer serviceable and needs replaced. I will be having a new metal roof installed professionally. Is it nessesary to add sheathing to the barn before a new metal roof is installed?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your flashings need to if possible go up behind the barn siding and out on top of the metal roof. If not possible, then seal them to the wall and use a termination bar. Many metal roofs can be installed over battens. Due to moisture issues, I do not suggest this practice residentially but it can work on agricultural buildings. However, if you have animal confinement in the barn I would suggest spraying the bottom side of the metal with closed cell foam in order to keep the building more comfortable and to avoid condensation issues.
Eric Novotny
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+1 Beautiful piece of property you have there as well. If it is just for the horses, running some highly reflective metal will keep it comfortable. The flashing shouldn't be a problem for a qualified contractor.

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