Pablo Gotay
Update: My roof is an Englert 2" mechanically seamed roof. (s2400) The metal roof I am researching "pops" loudly. I am assuming this is due to thermal expansion however, I was under the impression that the roof was designed to expand and contract as required through use of slip connections. 1. Does this "popping" indicate anything about the integrity of the roof installation or is it just natural? Note: Runs of roof can be as long as 100'. 2. Should this "popping" cause concerns for pushing and pulling of connection points that may eventually cause failure? 3. If "popping" is a cause for concern what are the best solutions? Would it be practical to apply an elastomeric coating to the entire roof to reduce heat gain as well as to fill any areas where failure may have already commenced? - See more at:
Eric Novotny
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1. Not necessarily. Some thermal expansion and contraction is going to be standard and there will be some noise associated with that regardless of installation type, fasteners, etc. 2 Not if installed properly. 3. I don't think that a roof coating would be indicated in this case. The popping, depending on the severity, may be unavoidable and therefore should not require additional coatings. The additional coating would likely lock the panels together and likely exacerbate the problem/condition.

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