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We are about to replace our fiberglass shingle roof. The house was built in 1995. I'd like to go with some type of metal roof but am unsure about what is best for us. We have a single story home on a brackish canal approximately one mile from the Gulf of Mexico. I'd like to get a roof that fits in with and looks like most of the newer homes on the block which have clay barrel tiles. However, my main concern is hurricane protection. Some contractors have told me to use 5-V crimped aluminum, but I don't really like that look. Others have said galvanized steel tile, but I'm not sure that would be as highly rated for wind as the 5-V aluminum. Any thoughts or suggestions? Also, some people have said the new metal roof can be installed over my existing shingle roof. Is that accurate and advisable? Thanks for the help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You oftentimes can install over your existing shingles. I think that given your location it could be wise to consider aluminum rather than steel. I know of two of our members (at least) who manufacture tile facsimile tiles in aluminum. Look at TechoTile and ScanRoof by ATAS ( International as well as at GrandeTile by Classic Metal Roofing Systems (

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