Tom M
Hi, We just had a 5V metal roof installed on our home. About halfway through the job I noticed a rippling or wavy effect which I now know as oil canning. I brought it to the contractors attention and he told me this is normal. We really dislike the way it looks and feel we should have been warned upfront about the possibility of this happening. I have included some pictures for evaluation. I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Tom
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you scroll down on this page you will find a pdf download for Metal Construction Association's white paper on oilcanning: I would encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer of your roofing in order to discuss / determine why this is occurring to such a large degree on your roof. I tend to think it may be related to unevenness in your roof deck and a contributing factor may also be the gauge of the steel used.

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