Neal Young
Not sure whether this Topic goes better here or in installation... My design is 3/4" vertical battens with 1 1/2" horizontal battens with the hope of reducing energy bills. 26ga ribbed metal. If I placed the drip edge over the battens, counterbattens down to and overlap the fascia it seems I will be eliminating the airflow at the bottom. I was thinking airflow would move from bottom to top much like soffit/ridge ventialtion but the drip edge seems to defeat the purpose. Any advise?
Dick Bus
You are correct if you place the drip edge against the fascia. Make sure the drip edge is long enough to over lap the fascia, leave an 1/2" gap between the fascia and drip edge. You might have to install a larger gutter to catch the rain.
Neal Young
I love the 1/2" gap between fascia and drip edge tip! Thanks!! The vented drip edge products get very expensive. I like the idea and functionality of the vented drip edge but am not finding a product that is affordable...
Larry g

Also looking for ASV products. Is there a hail dent downside to ASV? Decra XD is direct to deck so can only smash the depth of the shake profile. Decra shake is good for over ASV. With ASV and 2.5" void under the metal do you get more damaging and bigger hail dents? Live in a place where Hail only allows built up, concrete, steel and SCS to survive long. Decra and Gerrard don't like to give answers on this.

Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.

Certainly, the large the air space, there is greater potential for damage in extreme cases. Several years ago, there was a study I was involved with at Florida Solar Energy Center that compared white standing seam (reflectivity of 65% but the metal rested on the roof deck) to a brown metal shingle (reflectivity of 17% but very little of the metal resisted on the roof deck) and the metal shingle was keeping the attic cooler than the white standing seam. The metal shingle was installed direct to deck but the formation of the shingle itself greatly enhanced the overall energy efficiency.

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