Felt underlayment for metal roof

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I was wondering if asphalt saturated tar paper is appropriate for use as underlayment for galvanized steel roof panels? I have been told that the asphalt will react with the metal and cause corrosion or possibly trap moisture and cause rusting. The roof in question is on a porch with no heated space below and currently has a terne steel standing seam roof over original (100+ years) cedar shakes.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The only problem with standard felt is that, in extreme heat, it may stick to the roofing. Then, when the roofing goes on to expand and contract, the felt could tear. For underlayment, you should consider felt with red rosin paper on top of it or one of the new polyer underlayments such as SharkSkin, RoofTopGuard, Tri-Flex, or Titanium.
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