Considering a metal roof for an old antebellum plantation house

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Hello. My wife and I recently purchased an old antebellum home built in 1854. The roof at present is asphalt shingle, and shows significant wear. Since it is likely we will need to replace the entire roof in the next year or two, we are exploring our options. A metal roof is appealing to us, since at some time in this home's long history it likely had one. My question is this: would installing a modern steel roof be a better value to pursue, as opposed to another asphalt shingle job? Also, how much more expensive on average is a steel roof compared to other kinds? Thank you for your time and assistance, Jim
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Metal roofs typically will be 2 - 3 times the cost of traditional shingles. There can be variances to that, up or down, based upon the nuances if the particular home. Metal roofing's value comes from its longevity, it energy efficiency, and the value it adds through its enduring beauty, as well as other benefits. Many folks also appreciate the high recycled content of today's metal roofs.
Eric Novotny
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+1 Completely depends on application, material choice, and how long you will be in the home. Is there a resale valuation improvement...yes. Is metal more efficiency (in nearly every application)...yes. Does metal look better...yes Are most metal customer ecstatic with their final choice...yes. Between the efficiency improvements and the valuation improvements on the property, metal is a great option for most customers. The difficult pill to swallow is the higher initial investment up front.

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