Skylites on a low pitch roof

Marc Bergman
Are there any concerns with adding skylites to a 3:12 pitch roof and metal roofing? I am reroofing my 1500 SF roof and would like to reroof with metal. We just added a few fixed pane skylites. It is a brand new sound roof with good ventilation and structure.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am not a huge fan of skylights because, nice as they are, they are at the end of the day "holes in the roof" and holes in the roof can become problems. That said, yes, metal roofs can be flashed around skylights. Some arrangements of skylights, especially in snow and ice country can be problematic. Make sure that your chases to the sky lights are well insulated. Also, the skylights need to be curbed -- they need to sit higher than the highest point of the roofing material, so that they can be flashed properly.

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