metal over SIP panel w/ ventilation strapping

Jon Edwards
I have a SIP panel roof (osb, 9" foam, osb), composite shingles. I'd like to replace the shingles with a metal roof with ventilation eaves-to-ridgeline to flush the summer heat off the roof (instead of through the air conditioning). 1 - Which roof panels and eave treatments could accomplish this? a - Of the options that provide vertical air motion, will any of those conceal the fasteners? b - Will such an installation become a bee or hornet hotel? 2 - If vertical+horizontal strapping is required, might that be done using steel so as to improve fire resistance? 3 - Will the roof be safe to walk on once finished (I have to clean the chimney yearly). 4 - Are skylights going to present an installation/warranty issue? 5 - which finish is best for low heat gain in direct sunshine? Thanks!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Jon, You have a bunch of good questions. That being said, if you were to go back with a metal roof that has a good solar reflectivity rating, I think many of the concerns that you have about flushing out the heat will be moot. You will be amazed at the amount of heat that the metal roof will both reject and radiate as compared to asphalt. The difference in surface temperature will be immediate. Some of the paneled systems have accommodations for some over deck venting but I don't think you are in real need of this based on what the insulation and roof design is right now. Just getting the asphalt off the roof will be a huge game changer. What type of roof look do you want at the end of the day. Nearly all of the systems can be changed to accommodate some sort of venting if you truly want that functionality.

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