Do new coatings cause metal roofs to retain more snow

Jon Love
We have a large building that is over 50 years old. As is the metal roof. There is some rust visible, and from inside the dark attic some pinholes are visible on bright sunny days. We are in Washington State (East side of state) so we do get snow and at times we can get heavy accumulations. The roof is over an attic with insulation between the main buiding and the attic and no insulation between the roof and the attic. The metal roof spans across the metal support structure with no backing material for support. The roof has always shed snow well and snow loading has not been too much of an issue. We are looking at coating or replacing the roof (your thoughts?) but if we coat the roof we are concerned it may retain the snow and increase the snow loads beyond what the roof can tolerate. Do these new coatings that seal the roof also cause the roof to retain more snow?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you are referring to field-applied elastomerics, I would say that, yes, they could potentially slow the snow sliding due to their surface texture ( as well as their often light colors). There are field-applied paints available which would not.

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