Copper coating for metal roofs

Joe Joe
I am interested in putting a copper coating on a new metal patio roof. I have seen a product called "RoofD-X Copper" from a company called Andek--the product is mentioned on the company's website at the following address: According to the website, the product takes on a patina as it ages, just like solid copper roofing would. Has anybody used this product or seen it used? Can anyone comment on whether it works well?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is an elastomeric coating colored to look like copper. I do not know much about these types of coatings and I have no experience with this particular product. I do know that elastomerics must be applied over clean dry surfaces. Also, re-coating your new metal patio roof will likely void part or all of the warranty on that product.
Guest User
Try looking at or they have some great crystal clear coatings for copper and aluminium
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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