shedding ice onto porch roof

steve andrews
I am replacing the 7/8 " corrugated roof on my front porch(1 story), the ice/snow shedding from my 2 story slate roof (directly above) destroyed it 4 years ago, broke rafters and bent the corrugations. besides replacing rafters and maybe beefing them up what gauge should I go to? I am not sure of my current gauge. sheets are 8 feet long.
David Stermer
Steve, Thanks for your question. I sounds like you have an extreme snow and ice issue. Your best course of action is to have snow guards added to the slate roof above to reduce the ice falling on the porch roof. As far as the panels, I would recommend the thickest panel available from your manufacturer. Regards, David Stermer
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Steve, David is 100% correct. You are trying to engineer the solution while not first solving the problem. Get some snow fencing or retention system added to the slate roof and prevent the occurrence altogether. Also, I would look at the insulation and venting of the current roof. The home is probably vented via gable end vents (if at all) and some air sealing and additional ventilation would go a long way to helping slow the formation of the ice altogether.

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