Kent Pontius
I need some advice concerning a new metal roof. I'm doing a second story addition to my home and will be replacing the entire roof with a new metal standing seam type roof with 6:12 pitch. It is a simple gable design with a 12 ' balcony overhang on one end. The entire ceiling is a cathedral type with scissor trusses and no attic. I'm trying to make this home very energy efficient while staying close to my budget. One roofer is proposing to use ridge vents while another roofer proposes no ridge vent but uses 1/4" of ISO board (no sure what this is) under the metal roof. Also, one roofer will be bending the edge of the roof over at the eaves while the other will simply be cutting his Galvalume panel straight at this edge. Which is better? The home is on a river in Central Florida and I plan to go with a light colored roof for good reflectance. Do you have any advice for the best ventilation method for this roof. Also, do you think a layer of insulation or reflective material under the metal is worthwhile for energy savings? I'm really looking forward to this metal roof and I want to make sure it's done right the first time. Thank you for your help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The new International Buulding Code requires a minimum 1" ventilated airspace at some point in the roof assembly. Roof ventilation is critical to avoid unhealthy and damaging levels of heat and moisture. The ridge vents are effective only if an airspace exists at some point in the roof assembly and only if there is an intake in the form of soffit vents adequate to create positive ventilation. Reflective barriers are helpful but only if the face an airspace. The effectiveness is diminished if they are compressed tightly into the roof assembly. A light colored roof is great. Also, though, many manufacturers now offer special coatings which feature infrared reflective pigments so that you can get good reflectivity even in dark colors. I also strongly urge you to contact the manufacturer of the roofing and make sure that it is being installed in a manner they suggest.
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