House wrap prior to installation?

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Hey I'm currently building my own pole barn which I'll be doing the metal soon on. I was wondering to keep from condensation issues on the roof would something like tyvek be suitable on the outside of the framing prior to the metal or will it just cause more issues for me down the road? If not, what should I be using instead? I do plan on insulating fully one day, cost simply prohibits that now however. Thanks in advance.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Some sort of approved and appropriate underlayment should be used. See what your roofing manufacturer suggests. There are synthetic underlayments available that are similar but different from house wrap. Using house wrap would not be wise. Thanks so much for choosing metal!
Eric Novotny
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Tyvek is very vapor open so not a particularly good underlayment as it will allow the humidity to reach the roof surface. I would stick to the woven poly underlayments in this case as they will be more like a Class I or II vapor retarder. Talk to the manufacturer and stay within their provided applications and materials.

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