Pitch for roof on portable bldg

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Looking to manufacture portable buildings. They will be narrow so the pitch can be covered with one sheet of metal -- no seams across the slope. What would be the lowest pitch I could use for runs of 8 feet, 12 feet and 14 feet? What type of metal roofing is required to do a low (<2:12) pitch?
David Stermer
Steve, Thanks for the question. The building code (IBC section 1507.4.2) limits roof slope based on the type of panel, specifically the sidelap, not length of panels. For lapped, non-soldered seams without lap sealant, the minimum slope is 3:12. For lapped, non-soldered seams with lap sealant, the minimum slope is 0.5:12. For standing seam systems, the minimum slope is 0.25:12. When less than 2:12, there certainly should be sealant in the sidelap, if not a standing seam system. Regards, David Stermer

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