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We are having a metal roof installed on a small 1930's farmhouse with a steep pitched roof. The metal is being installed over the existing shingles. The first section of metal went on and you can visually see a slope in the metal and some dents in it where the screws are tightened down significantly. The roofers are telling us that they can't make the metal lay great because the roof is not exactly square and there are several layers of shingles. They placed boards on the roof before putting the metal on and supposedly shimed it to make it level (we never say any shiming done) and the metal is clearly not laying smooth and flush. They say to make it flush and smooth they'd have to remove all the shingles and replace some decking too, but they never mentioned this before. Could there be any truth to what they are saying? Is it possible to think that the metal has to be this way or can they make it lay smooth? Any advice?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
An uneven roof deck will cause ripples, or oilcanning as the industry calls it. However, improper installation, improper forming, or inherent and natural stresses in the metal itself can also be causes. Have you checked in with the manufacturer of the roofing for their input? Would you like to send photos to me? [email protected] What they are saying does sound truthful. However, it is interesting when you say that you did not see where they tried to level the roof out in any way.
Eric Novotny
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Tough to make metal completely smooth even over a completely new roof deck. Even then, it will have some undulation to it as a result of the decking inconsistencies.

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