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I have a 29 ga "Tuff Rib" (exposed screws) metal roof on my A-frame house. On the back of the house, the eaves are the same width from top to bottom, so the metal is square with the edge of the roof. However, the eaves on the front of the house are wider at the top than at the bottom (gull?), so the ribs of the end sheet of metal (which had to be cut at an angle to match the varying eave width) are channeling water over my front facia. The piece of eave drip that is there provides very little other than cosmetics as it is on top of the end pieces of metal and the ribs run underneath. Is there some type of closure strip or other product that would divert the water so that it runs down the sheet and not over the edge? Any advice would be most appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You have to be very careful in cases like this to not do anything which will trap or hold debris as it comes down the roof. If you're trying to carry the watter on hidden channels and those channels clog or get blocked by debris, then you will end up with significant problems.

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