How to stop snow slipping on low pitch roof?

David Thompson
I installed a 2/12 pitch steel roof. Because of the low pitch, snow slides off the roof VERY slowly (like over the course of a few days). As it does, it hardens and turns into a giant mass of hard, heavy ice-snow. It then rips off the gutters and falls on the side walk way making shoveling a three day process. So, I have to figure out how to stop the snow from sliding off. I've seen little brackets on metal roofs for this purpose. However, I'm thinking it might be better to avoid drilling hundreds more holes in the roof to attach them (and I'm thinking I'd have to put two grommets for every bracket--one between the bracket and the roof, one between the screw and the bracket). What do you think about attaching little metal "L" brackets to the roof with other methods? Like silicone? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! (It's a very simple 2/12 pitch roof with no valleys, no hips. The building is 60' long and 24' wide. So there are two roof sides, each a little more than 12' from peak to edge.)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are various snowguards available and if you can send me a picture of your roof ([email protected]) I will be happy to see if I have a recommendation.However, what you're experiencing sounds more related to ice damming. Snowguards will not help that situation and could worsen it.

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