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I am finalizing a design for a demonstration passive solar home which will exemplify the concept as "house as haven". The home is intended to educate the public and home builders, and demonstrate the advantages and longterm financial feasibility of homes built to last indefinitely and operate independently through use of the highest quality materials appropriate for their application, and by working with Nature. Kindly advise on the following technical concerns, regarding the suitability and longevity of aluminum roofing for use in the demonstration home: 1. roofing beneath pebbles and some organic matter: One feature of the home is a gently sloped roof which will be covered with pebbles, and over time some organic matter may mix with the pebbles possibly creating an environment of moisture and low oxygen for extended periods. Will aluminum corrode under these conditions? A portion of the aluminum siding of my current residence corroded when it was covered several years by pine needles and leaves which had gradually turned to humus; in places the aluminum was completely corroded away. 2. anodized versus painted aluminum : Please advise on the relative merits of each as finish on aluminum roofing, reagarding costs and longevity. 3. aluminum roof degradation by tearing: I am considering using an aluminum standing seam roof by Classic Products ("clicklock premium standing seam alum roof) but I am concerned that it will loosen and tear under stresses of temperature change and wind. I often see aluminum roofs on agricultural buildings in our area which are loose and torn. Are these agricultural roofs of a different type than the Classic roof? What is the cause of this degradation? Thanks, Philip Anderson mailto:[email protected] Work, 8am - 4pm EST: 202 326-4100 x6341 Home, after 7:15 pm: 301 865-3642
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Hi Philip, Sorry for the delay in my response. I would not suggest installing the roofing in the earthen areas. There are various rubber and pvc membranes which would be far more suitable for those roof areas and then you can transition into the aluminum roofing. I am concerned not only about corrosion of the aluminum if it is covered with earth but also about overall performance of the system because the earth would allow water to migrate in ways that are not normal. Very little anodized aluminum is used for roofing. It is generally not commercially available. Some of the concerns with it are objectionable gloss and sheen as well as overall durability. The last time I investigate anodized aluminum, there was no warranty on it. If you wnat to investigate this further, contact Lorin Industries in Michigan. They are, I think, the only producer of anodized aluminum in coil form. Additionally, anodized aluminum tends to craze on tight bends when it is formed. The Classic ClickLock system is a fairly traditional snap lock panel. It is a 12" wide panel available with Kynar finish in .032" aluminum. It is installed using stainless steel clips. The clips allow the metal roof panels to expand and contract. This is very different from the type of through-fastened panels you have seen on agricultural applications. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.
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