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I am a student at Utah State University and I am doing a research project on metal roofing. I have a few quick questions about metal roofing in general and I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out. What are some of the main differences between metal roofing for residential buildings vs commercial buildings? Is it common for residential home owners to purchase metal roofing that is shaped like tiles,shingles, or shakes? Do metal roofing materials and suppliers have to be specified by the buildings architect before hand? Is it common for installers to use a roll forming machine to form their metal roofing on the job site? Is it true that metal roofing is used mostly for barns and sheds? Is the metal roofing industry currently growing or shrinking? Any information about any of these questions would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Also, if you know of any other place that might have more figures or statistics about metal roofing please let me know. thanks for your time!
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Thanks for your interest in metal roofing. Here goes as it pertains to your questions: - No real difference in terms of the materials, however, most commercial applications are based on a snap style lock whereas residential applications have quite a few that are mechanically seamed. - The metal roofing option of shakes, slate, and tiles is popular amongst home owners and is a great option to the maintain the same aesthetic look while going with a more permanent option. - Metal roofing is typically specified in the design phase of the project. - Not sure I could fathom a percentage on that but both applications are used and there are benefits to both. - Not true. Metal roofing has gained widespread appeal and has numerous applications. - Can't comment for certain on that but we are seeing more applications where metal can work and it is a better option.

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