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I have my roof complete except my ridge cap. I am having a really hard time with the the area where the three pieces of metal will meet right at the peak. How do I make it work without making it look wierd. I have called and talked to the company I bought it from and I received no help. Do I need to just lay the peak piece over the two peices coming to the point? Any help would be great. Thanks, Wyatt Gardiner
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Hey Wyatt, I have a hip roof that I just finished a few weeks ago.I cut a 45* angle on the two pieces coming up the roof where they intersect at the peak.I removed the outer folds on the top piece of ridge cap back about a foot or so from the end.I slit the fold in the center of the cap also to make it bendable.You can then bend either half over the other.Then cut or not cut the ends to suit.It takes a little while. I know it's hard to visualize due to the angles of the ridge cap. Good Luck.
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