Krista Breinholt
I am currently remodeling a home here in Arizona. Standing seam is not common in residential here. I have picked out a standing seam flat panel from metal sales. Due to the extreme heat we get they are recommending a striated panel. I am wondering if it is a big enough necessity to change the look for the striations or if we will get oil canning anyway. I love the sleek look of the flat and am concerned the striations will change the look completely. I can't seem to find a picture or home to look at with the striations. Any help or advice would be appreciated as soon as possible. Thank you.
David Stermer
Krista, Just for your information, I work at Metal Sales. I agree that Standing Seam panels should have some minor effects, such as striations, in the flat to provide some stiffness whcih tends to reduce oil-canning. The striations are fairly shallow (< 1/8") and effective at reducing oil-canning. Depending on the 'eye of the beholder', the striations can have a pleasing touch to the panels. Regards, David Stermer
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
David is 100% dead on here. Most folks don't even notice the striations over time and in a very hot climate like AZ, they would be preferred and recommended in my opinion.

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