Replacing Skylight windows

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I just had a Velux606 skylight inner-pane shatter. The window warranty is only good for 10 years. The house was build in 1994 and all the contractors are saying since the roof is older that 10 years, they will not replace the skylight without replacing the roof. We have seven Velux606 and two smaller Velux skylights. My concern is, if we replace the broken window and stay with asphalt shingles and have another issue with another skylight a few years down the road. Will the integrity of the roof be compromised if they have to tear-up around the skylight? I was wondering if we bought a metal roof and we need to replace a window, will it be easier to replace the window with a standing seam metal roof? Also, how would the integrity of the metal versus asphalt be?
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That is nonsense. You can pull up the shingles around the skylight, install a curb mounted unit, flash with a Velux flashing kit, and install a new unit. With the curb mounted kit, you can service it down the road without having any issues.

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