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What are the benefits and drawbacks of reroofing a large storage warehouse with metal or single ply over an existing FM Standing seam metal roof system that is worn out. This would be for a 600+ square roof that currently has a trapezoidal panel with fiberglass insulation.
Eric Novotny
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How long did the previously standing seam roof last and what is failing on it now? I would always prefer a well installed metal roof over singly ply for the longevity alone. Well engineered metal should lap single ply in terms of how long it will last.
Bob Ketchem
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It depends on your requirements. But metal roofing will be far better option than Single ply roofing. Metal roofing survives many years without any large maintenance and its insurance also helps in repairing and maintenance. There is also some different types of warranties offered by Roofing Companies.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 I would always recommend metal over single ply if it is an option.
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"single ply" what??? You say you recommend metal over "single ply"? What does single ply mean??? Single plywood? Single 3 tab shingles? Single what,.... is what I'm asking, as I'm still trying to learn. Thank you so much for your replies! :-)
Todd Miller
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"Single Ply" is being used to generically refer to various types of membrane roofs that are sometimes used on lower pitch (i.e. "flat") roofs.
Christy Wilson

Here are the core benefits of metal roofing.

  • Metal roofs are lightweight, weighing about one quarter as much as tile roofs and nearly half as much as asphalt.

  • Metal roofs are less expensive than tile roofs or slate roofs.

  • With a huge range of color, material, and texture to choose from, you can make them appear like wood shales or tiles, without the weight on the roof and on your pocket.

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