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Last summer, my 81 year old mother was ripped off by a contractor who had limited experience in residential metal roofing. Over this first winter with her new metal roof (panels), enormous ice jams developed over her very nice rain gutters and roof edge, pushing the screens out of the gutters and pulling them off the house. Upon re-installing the gutters ourselves, we found a few short panels, broken seams and moisture under some panels. We will be looking for a third party assessment to locate any and all installation errors as the contractor did not guarantee the installation & refuses to take responsibility. Would a drip edge issue cause snow to hang on the roof edge and gutters like this? As snow continues, it slides down from above, hangs on edge, freezes into the gutters and creates ice jams that are just incredible. Even a minor snowfall, results in this. It's a simple hip roof. What are the possible problems here and who do we trust?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry to hear about this. Is there any chance you could send me some photos? [email protected]
Eric Novotny
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A critical examination of the install will tell you about the roof fundamentals from the start. After that, I would like to look at the insulation and venting of the current roof. The formation of ice dams is not the fault of the roof at the end of the day. How the roof deals with it is another story.

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