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What is the best way to install sheet metal roofing on a curved roof wooden Quonset? I would like to use a low profile Galvalume. I have been told the metal sheets of roofing will have a tendency to kink rather then bend over the curve of the roof.
David Stermer
Joe, Thanks for your question about metal roofing! The two key pieces of information are the radius of the roof and the depth of the metal roof panel profile. There is certainly a radius at which a metal panel will kink. The deeper the panel profile, the larger the radius at which it will kink. Low profile metal roof panels can be walked down to rather small radii. On the other hand, some manufacturers can provide mechanically curved panels that will not kink when installed. I would recommend working with a manufacturer that is a member of MRA. They should be able to walk you through the project. Regards, David Stermer
Eric Novotny
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Do you have any pictures? It would be great to see some before and after shots.
Chad Bevan
Hi Guys, I have a Quonset in Buena Vista, CO and am hoping you can steer me to the proper product. The home is at 8000' with intense sun and occasional heavy snow in the winter. I'm most interested in a product with a standing seam or something without exposed fasteners. Additionally I would like a product that can be installed by DIY'ers and hopefully spring bent on site w/o special equipment. What would your recommend? My Quonset is 56' long 24' 9" from eave to eave with a Width of Arc (ft)~ 16 Height of Arc (ft) ~ 8 Radius of Arc (ft) 8 Length of Arc (ft) 25 Angle Subtended by Arc (deg.) 180
David Stermer
Chad, Thanks for your question about metal roofing! An 8' radius is kind of tight. My company, Metal Sales, does not market a panel profile that can 'walk down' to that radius. By 'walk down' I mean we provide the panel flat and it is then bent in place to match the curve of the roof. The shallowest panel we provide is only 1/4" deep and bending it to this radius will cause more bending than is typically allowed. That would be a problem in that the profile would be likely to kink and there is less capacity remaining when loaded in a wind event. I would recommend a mechanically curved panel. There are some panels in the market that can be curved to this radius. They would likely need to be curved on site because of the size of the curved panels. Regards, David Stermer
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What is the highest "rib" that will walk down to a 12 foot radius?
David Stermer
Hi Cheryl, Thanks for your question. The height of the rib is the primary factor in determining if a steel panel will walk down. The ability to walk-down also varies with panel material, such as with aluminum or copper. A 12' radius is fairly tight. From looking at several profiles in steel, I believe that 1/4" deep profiles can be walked down to 12', though the walking down consumes close to all the bending capacity of the panels. At 1/2" deep, the walking down process will likely result in an over-stress condition and show oil-canning (waviness) or kinking of the panel. Regards, David

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