Kathy Tracy
We had a new standing seam roof installed in February. The weather was brutal, but our roofer had requested we do a winter install to help keep his crew working and assured us it would be fine. The project took three weeks because of the weather. The roof was installed over an existing shingle roof, again we were assured this would be fine. The roofer has a good reputation in our area, so we felt ok about this. Now that the Spring sun is shining on our new roof, we see considerable oil-panning along with many scratches. The roofer has said he will fix the scratches, but the panning is because our roof must not have been completely level and not his fault. We are at a loss as to what to do. Aesthetically it doesn't look great after spending so much money but to remove it and work the underneath has been quoted at another $6,000! Should the panning have occured? We feel as a professional he should have seen the problem before install, but as I read other posts on this site it sounds like other reasons could have caused it and that it's common. Do you feel it detracts from the appearance of the house? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thank you for your post, and for choosing metal. Several things can lead to oil canning. Here is a link to paper on this topic published by Metal Construction Association: http://www.metalconstruction.org/pubs/pdf/95-1060%20MCAoilcanning.pdf If you'd like further input, feel free to send photos to me at [email protected]

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