26 or 24 guage steel

Rodney Harner
We are looking at getting a standing seam metal roof on our 95 year old home. It goes from a 5/12 pitch to a 1.5/12 on both the front and the back. We have talked to several contractors. One strongly suggested that we put a 24 guage metal and Heavy Ice and Snow guard on the entire roof. To help keep the heat out. The others have said 26 guage and the Ice and Snow guard only on 1/2 of both flat roofs.(low pitch What guage of steel do we need and is it necessary for the guard on all the roofs?
David Stermer
Rodney, Thanks for your questions. From my experience, standing seam panels are most commonly run in 24 ga. Ice and snow guard is more of a water barrier rather than a thermal barrier. MRA member companies should be able to provide products that would perform well for you. Regards, David Stermer
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 Nothing about Ice/Water that keeps the heat out. Depending on the roof construction, this would be the time to add a layer of rigid foam to the exterior the roof deck and thermally uncouple the roof from the home/framing. Is the attic vented currently? You need to make sure they use high temp ice/water shield so that it is temperature compliant.

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