Andrew Carpenter
Last summer I had a mostly new roof installed due to hail damage.Not sure it is relevant but it is a Fabral Ultra Loc. The full repair is final and it is time to pay but here is what I observe. Almost 100% oil canning on every panel, scratches, damaged eaves,small kinks (apprx 2 inches) in some panels. poorly sealed ridge vents, damaged soffits which were not replaced as part of the damage. The angled cuts were done with what appears to have been tin snips because they are ragged and not straight at the ridge area. There are quite a few scratches that go through the outer paint some large and circular. Some of the ridges have what looks like small dents (similar to teh hail damage) that llok like the hammered the panels together.We weren't sure we were going to replace the roof but the sales guy from the insurance companies preferred contractor told us if we didn't replace now we wouldn't be insured for any future damage to the roof. During the installation some shady things happened all easily explained by the contractor of course. I have to sign a sheet saying the roof is "in as good or better condition than before the damage" for my insurance company to sign off and pay the contractor. My question is will the damage described above be better than the dings created by hail that I never saw ? IS it normal to get labor and material warranties in writing. The MFG rep looked at the roof and said "... the garage looks odd in places but is installed correctly" but when asked if it would affect the warranty he did not reply.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Chances are this does not impact the expect roof life ... at least the oilcanning does not. I think the question to the manufacturer needs to be pertaining to whether this roof still carries their full product warranty. Yes, I feel you should receive a workmanship warranty in writing,

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