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On a screw down galvalume roof, not standing seam, can it be applied to a solid decking or is it best applied to strips. Is a plywood deck preferable to OSB? I had planned to use a radiant barrier but was told by a roofer that Galvalume serves as its own radiant barrier?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Metal roofs, particularly in light colors or when reflective pigments are incorporated into their finishes, are very energy efficient. Also, many of the shingle style products which have an airspace between the metal and the roof deck have extra efficiency. Visit for more info As far as over deck or lathe ... most products designed for residential use are installed over decking. Before proceeding with installation over lathe, make sure that the manufacturer of the roofing approves of such installations. Fastener pull-out resistance on OSB and plywood is very similar. As far as a radiant barrier -- it can further enhance the overall efficiency of your roof system. However, radiant barriers are effective only when the shiny side faces an airspace and not when it is all compressed together as part of a tight roof system build up.
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