Don Hickman
Many home owners ask about insulation when considering a metal roof. Some contractors sell and bubble/foil insulation and install it directly on top of the existing shingles. A 1x4 wood purlin is installed on top of that,then the metal roof. I have installed 2000 metal roofs directly fastened to the deck with an approved underlayment. Doe's the MRA approve of using insulation in this manner?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
That's a good question, Don. The MRA really is a Marketing organization and, while we do have some guide specifications we promote, they do not get into this depth of level but instead focus more on the quality of the metals and coatings. I know that I personally promote the method you're using but I cannot speak on behalf of the MRA in that area. We would refer you back to individual manufacturers. Thank you for all you do to promote metal roofing, Don.
David Stermer
Don, Thanks for the question and your use of metal roofing! There are certainly occasions that battens are needed, such as when shimming is needed to bring the roof plane back to level or for above sheathing ventilation. However, ventilation is important when creating an air cavity with battens, especially in humid environments. Batten damage from condensation is a concern if not properly ventilated. Installing an approved underlayment and directly fastening to the deck minimizes the size of the air cavity and the potential for condensation inside the metal roof panel. Regards, David Stermer

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