Opal Underwood
I had a new painted, metal roof installed 4 months ago on my carport and on the house. They are both rusting. The rust on the garage seems to be inside the groves and around the screw heads. It seems the saving burned into the roof and stuck there. The house roof has rust on some of the screw heads and a little in other very small areas. It seems to me that at 4 months there should be NO rust any where. Who do you think is most likely responsible for the rust, the manufacturer or the installer. It seems to be that the screws and the metal paint must be defective somehow to rust in such a short period of time. I would NEVER have done metal if I had known a roof could rust this soon.
Dick Bus
i am sorry to hear that are having problems in such a short time.I would agree that 4 months is a very short time to be exhibiting rust. Although Galvalume does show some corrosion at the cuts and bends but does not get worse over time. G-90 galvanized should not be showing any corrosion in four months. I have seen cases where metal filings from cutting other materials (steel studs, rebar) that melted into the paint are corroding on the surface. I would recommend that you connact the manufacturer of the panels and ask their opinion.

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