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I am replacing the roof over the dock with a metal roof and have heard not all screws are created equally (some washers die in 10 years). First phase is the dock, then tool shed, then house and in ten years I do not want to have an issue. What is the best screw/ washer combination to use for the long term? Thank you for your assistance. Reid
Dick Bus
stainless steel would be your best bet. They are available painted to match the color of the roof.
Dick Holcomb
I'm getting estimates for a metal roof and the Home Depot people told me that they could install a metal roof that doesn't show the screws? Is this an inter-locking type system or something like that? They didn't explain it but acted like it was a great advantage over dealing with the painted screws. What do you know about that type installation or roof system?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Dick. Thanks for your question. There are standing seam systems as well as various interlocking metal shingle, shake, and tile products that do not have exposed screws.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
There are more metal roof systems with hidden fasteners than with exposed fasteners. Either system, when done properly, can function and last very long. Are you only talking to Home Depot for the metal roof? While Big Orange and Big Blue advertise that they do everything, metal roof is typically something that you want to deal with a company that does that type of work pretty regularly. Do some research on HD installs and you may or may not reconsider.

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