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I live in the "Desert Mountains" in NW New Mexico, and my metal roof of 9 years is fading. Its 26 gauge, kind of a London Brown color. I have seen metal roof sealers/paint and was wondering if they would work to recharge and seal my roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
My general advice would be painting with a quality paint. If you have a specific coating you're considering, please let me know details. Thanks.
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Hello Ken There is option to use super high quality Kynar filed applied paint called Kynar Aquatec. Also if you contact Arkema or PPG they have specific lines for Metal roofs are actually supplying paint to large metal roof manufactures. The most important part is proper preparation and make sure that the current paint will not peal off. Its highly strange that you have such rapid fade from pre painted metal roof from " reputable company". I would first also start with them as they should warranty paint finish for at least 15 years. I know englert warranty paint finish for 35 years. There is art to properly re paint metal roofs and does also require spacial equipment and know how.

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