Kate Morrison
I am in the beginning stages of consideration of a metal roof. I was attempting to use google sketchup to draw my roof from dimensions I measured. However, my measurements are not working out exactly (for a 3-d drawing). For example, where my sunroom ridge intersects the main roof does not match my measurement I took down the main roof for that intersection. I am confident in my measurements, but I am wondering why things would not line up exactly? Is that due to the roof not being square? If that is the case do most metal roof systems provide for adjustments such that I could provide the manufacturer a plan view and these discrepancies would be resolved when laying the material? My drawing is a couple of inches off from where the two should intersect. Also, from my drawings I have between a 5:12 and 4:12 pitch. How exactly do the manufacturers use the pitch besides verifying that their product works on the pitch? I am wondering how accurate a number I need to provide. Thanks in advance for your help,
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you have rooftop measurements then pitch is not terribly critical though some component accessories may need to be bent to match the roof pitch, at least close. A good installer will be able to recognize and allow for out of square situations.

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