Lauren Cramer
We recently purchased a home and the roof is in dire need of some repair. The existing tile is Cow Shack. As I've most regrettably learned after escrow, this particular tile is no longer being made, and is actually deemed "laughable" by most roofer's standards. We want to install a brand new roof for our brand new home, and am having issues with choosing the right tile/shingle/material. Our roof was redone in 1985 when the second story was added, and per the inspection report "can not properly maintain the weight of some roofing materials". I've researched a lot into Thin Slate. The cost is not what concerns me, it's more the necessity. I've recently stumbled upon Metal Roofs, and the reviews are high (aside from noise issues and cost.. which I'm finding is close to that of Slate). Are there any recommendations, concerns, benefits, setback I need to be aware of before making my decision?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think the product you have may be Cal Shake? Metal offers so many beautiful options ... and it really is very flexible in terms of how and where it can be used. The low weight of metal is very beneficial and in your area the fire resistance is a nice feature as well. If you use this site to find some products you like and then perhaps send photos of your home to the manufacturers of those products, I think they will be very helpful in evaluating your needs and the applicability of their products to your home.

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