David Bloch
Hi, I am converting a recently built shed into a living space. The shed has a metal roof on it, screwed directly into spaced sheathing. No plywood, OSB, felt, nothing. My plan is to take the metal roof off, put a moisture barrier under it, and then reinstall it. In the interior space I'm going to put in rigid foam insulation and then drywall. Also, I live in Oregon (lots of rain in winter, hot and dry in the summer). My questions are: 1. Will this be sufficient? Or will I need plywood or OSB? 2. What kind of barrier would you recommend for a metal roof? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, David
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest plywood. I also would suggest moving the vapor barrier to be directly behind the drywall. Let's keep moisture from migrating up into the insulation even.

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