Jim Kobielush
I recently added a bedroom onto what was a screened in area slab on grade. I retained the metal roof. Beneath the metal roof I put 6" bat insulation. I have a very small air space between the insulation and metal roof. I vented that as well as I could. Beneath that I installed a suspended ceiling. On a cold night here, such as 27 degrees F I get condensation that drips through the insulation and onto my suspended ceiling. I have no leaks in the metal roof. QUESTION: Can I spray foam, open or closed cell, to the top of my metal that will withstand the very hot sun and temperature in Scottsdale?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are foam systems you could do that with. Would you though want to consider spraying it to the bottom of the metal roof (or the decking) rather than on top of the roof?

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