Metel roof on a trailor house vent issue

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I'm pretty much set on going with a metal roof over exsisting shingles but i'm stuck on one point. What do i do with the vents near the ridge? The house is a double wide manufactured house. About a foot or so down from the ridge, on both sides, are rather large 12x6 inch vents spaced say 10 feet apart. How do i tackle this issue? Obviously there is not 'ridge vent' as the ridge is where both sides of the house are bolted together. So should i remove the vents, leave the big open hole, then install the new metal directly over the roof? or just use a bunch of vent holes for the new metal roof? Thanks for the look.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
A lot depends upon what type of roofing you're installing and also the pitch of the roof. Generally I would suggest closing up the old holes, cutting in a ridge vent, and installing ridge vent. However, it's very important that you get the okay of your roofing manufacturer before proceeding.

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