Liz Thibodaux
On the ridge of the standing seam roof, the contractor's "skilled craftsman" cut pieces of metal to put between each standing seam and put geotherm, a type of calking ,to seal the 1/4 inch cracks between each standing seam before they caped the ridge and later came back and drilled 1/8 inch holes in this metal so the roof could breath. Is this the correct way to do it (apply a calk) or should it be hand cut and fit between the seams before the ridge cap is applied? Also the rivits were not all galvinized should they be? could I drill the rivets out a use colored screws which are not self taping since there would be a whole left after drilling the rivet out, thanks
David Stermer
Liz, Thanks for your metal roofing questions! It is common at the ridge to apply tape to the panels, set a metal closure in the sealant, apply additional sealant to the top of the closure and then install the ridge flashing. It will take a lot of 1/8" holes to allow much air movement. Before replacing fasteners (remove rivets replace with screws), I would contact the manufacturer of the roof to discuss the change to ensure the use of an appropriate fastener and avoid the potential loss of warranty coverage. Good Luck! Davdi Stermer

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