Will Felderhof
I am building a new home and my roofing supplier made a change from Vicwest Prestige standing seam with a 16 inch width to a 20 inch width. The gauge of the roofing in both instances is 24. The panel length on the main roof is 31.5 feet. he maintains the 20 inch will perform better. I am dubious. the house has 3 dormers and the attached garage also has 3 dormers. it seems to me that 16 inch with 25% more fasteners than 20 inch would be safer way to go. Also the 16 inch would look a lot nicer -- particularly on the dormers. What are your thoughts? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think that aesthetics is a bigger concern than performance. Performance should be very similar. I feel that, aesthetically, narrower panels look better on houses and wider panels are fine for large commercial buildings.
David Stermer
Will, My experience with this type of panel is that the 16" wide profile will have greater uplift resistance, because of the greater population of fasteners, as you noted, and less load working to disengage the rib. Having said that, the 20" wide profile may have sufficient uplift capacity. The uplift capacity for this panel type is commonly determined by UL 580 testing while the design load is determined from the building code. The manufacturer should be able to help with this analysis. It is likely that the 20" wide profile would install quicker than the 16" wide profile. Regards, David Stermer

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