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I am trying to determine the impact of hail strikes on the useful life of a low slope metal roof. Are there any published guidelines or orgainazations that address this issue? The roof in question is a structural metal panel roof supported on purlins with a 1 to 12 slope. Lemon size hail has resulted in minor denting of the panels and removed approximately 30% of the panel coating in the area of the impact, exposing the underlying primer. The hail impacts have not rusted after 4 months so the underlying metal of the panel has not been exposed. The impacts are 1/2" to 1" in dia. and about 0" to 1/16" deep and number about 10 per square yard of roof area. Corey
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The indentations themselves may not have any major impact on the life of the roof. It really depends a lot upon whether interlocks have been damaged and whether the watertightness of the roof is jeopardized. I would suggest contacting an experienced metal installer or the roofing manufacturer to do an inspection and help with this determination.
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