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Hello! I have been given a quote for a metal roof with pricing for Allmet an Decra coming in at the same price. (Shingle style) A little bit of research has me coming across quite a few "disgruntled" clients of Duraloc/now Allmet in regards to the granules falling off with little or no help via their warranties... My question is this: Is the product that Allmet (who purchased Duraloc) different than the one that was sold under the Duraloc name??? Decra seems to have a longer history in the business with little or no complaints about the product itself and seems to have much better website/information than Allmet. The installer seems to prefer Allmet as they have a full 50 year warranty transferable for the life of the warranty, whereas Decra's warranty is prorated after 20 years and transferable up to 10 years. Any ideas on the physical differences in the two products would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for considering metal. Really, the questions you're asking are very proprietary to those two products and information I simply don't have. Have you contacted the two manufacturers direct to ask them their thoughts on how they are different from the other, as well as the Duraloc / Allmet situation.
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The old Dura Loc did have coating issues, but those issues were related to the 3M chip they used. Allmet does not use that chip, and i am sure Allmet is probably using the the same chip as Gerard is putting on there products. Take a peice of the old 3M dura Loc tile and compare it to the Allmet of the same profile...the stone granules are a lot different and to me look exaclty like whats on the Gerard products. This is a good thing. Allmet brand Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems are manufactured and sold by Gerard Roofing Technologies, located in Brea, California, USA. I like both both, but i am not a fan of the Allmet continental profile. If your looking at that as an option be aware, it is not walkable by the majority of other trades. Tree trimmers, SAT dish installers, Termite companies (tenting requires walking), Chimney sweeps, painters ect...none of them can walk on it without doing some damage. If you sign a damage waiver you can bet your butt they will dent the heck out ot it leavign you with a hefty bill to fix it. Do not be fooled by sales, the real nuts and bolts installers, me, know the truth. I am not picking on Continental only, Metro Roman tile is also an issue. Sure you can put foam under them to help a bit, but they will still dent. If you have single story home your probably ok, its the multi story homes that require painting of the second story while standing on the first that are going to have issues with these profile types.

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