Andy Sullivan
I have a portable couple of portable roll-forming machines (newtech and schlebach) that form 2" structural standing seam roof panels. What test would you recommend me having performed? Do I need a UL classification if the majority of my work is not new construction but rather reroof and retrofit projects. I am familiar with the ASTM-1592, 1646, and 1680 but would like some feedback on what test or combinations of tests are recommended to insure my client that they are getting a quality product and for my engineer to be able to do his job and me to protect myself if a roof was ever to fail. My guess is the 1592 at various spacings (maybe 60" OC and 12" OC) as well as a single or double lock option. Should I test 18" and would I be covered for narrower widths or would I be setting myself up for poor results by testing only the 18"? Just looking for some expert opioions.
David Stermer
Hi Andy, Thanks for the questions. Load-wise, ASTM E 1592 and UL 580 are listed in the IBC as appropriate tests for demonstrating load carrying capacity. Running multiple spacing is a good way to demonstrate capacity over a range of spacings. Testing the wiwidest panel width is an effective way to demonstrate capacity for that width and narrower panels that are otherwise teh sam, realizing that narrower panels may demonstrate greater capacity if tested. IBC does not require Classification per UL 580 (ex. Class 90), but project specs commonly do. ASTM E 1646 and ASTM E 1680 (as well as ASTM E 2140) are usually run together and demonstrate resistance to penetration of air and water. IBC does not require these tests, but project specifications often do. A good way to stay on top of code requirements and technical developments in the industry is to participate in the MCA and MRA. Other benefits include the marketing and educational efforts, as well as networking opportunities. Please consider joining the MCA and MRA. Regards, Davdi Stermer ,

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