Leak Around Vent Pipe on Shingle Style Metal Roof Plus Icing Problem

Suzanne Fairchild
My shingle style metal roof was installed when my house was built in 2003 - 2004. The roofing was purchased from American Metal Roofs but installed by my builder, who had never installed a metal roof before. (Bad decision). The roofing was already installed when I decided to add a half bath in the room above my garage. This meant a vent pipe had to be cut into the new roof. (Another bad decision, it turns out). It has leaked some ever since. My builder was a terrible contractor, and caused many other problems which cost me a considerable sum to repair. He left during hunting season and never returned (I'm guessing because he knew how badly he had bungled the electrical, among other things). I (really my handyman) have tried to stem the leak with caulk on several occasions, but it never works completely. I called American Metal Roofs once to try and get one of their contractors out to at least take a look at the problem, however, they did not respond (most likely because the job was so small). I am worried that the wood under the roofing will rot away and I will have a real problem one of these days. To add to the problem, the roofing is a green color which is no longer available.The roof over the garage has a 6/12 pitch so of course is quite steep. The garage is connected to the house which has a 5/12 pitch. I cannot afford to replace the metal roof but I need to eliminate the leak, because I sure cannot afford to replace everything under it. Hopefully you can suggest a relatively simple solution. By the way, I saw your answer to another person regarding using 6" gutters. I have thought all along that larger gutters might help solve the problem of the flood that comes off of the roof with each heavy rain. However, what will that do when we get heavy snow? Snow used to avalanch off of the roof when the sun warms it up and it still does, though it has "hung up" from about 5' up the roof to the gutter on the garage section and from about 2 - 3' up on the house to the gutter the last two winters, then I get a heavy icing problem. I'm not quite sure what to do about that either. Heat tape would be difficult to install and probably not a great idea. I bought another product last winter but never got it installed as I could not figure out how to keep it on the roof without using nails, which would deface and probably ruin the roof. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Suzanne, I have sent an email direct to you requesting some additional information and photos. Todd

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