Newly installed standing seam roof.

Suzanne Fairchild
My neighbor just had a standing seam metal roof installed today. The gutters have already been re-installed. There is a half/round opening at the end of each standing seam which will allow yellow jackets, bees and other insects to get under the roof. Is there a standard flashing to cover these openings? Or can you fill them with caulk? They were told that the openings had to remain open for ventilation purposes - but my friend is MOST unhappy with that idea as yellow jackets are a real problem here. (The new roof was installed on top of an existing old roof using 2x4's to raise the metal roofing panels).
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You can sometimes buy foam closures or even fabricate metal closures. You can also seal with a quality color matched sealant. In reality, while I understand the concern, I have only seen a couple of instances where bees did build nests in such areas.

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