Does a metal roof make economic sense for me?

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We've been in a one-floor house in a 1970s subdivision for three years now. The roof will need replacing pretty soon (removing two levels of asphalt shingle). I'm intrigued by the idea of a metal roof. However we've only got maybe fifteen years in the house before we move into a retirement home. If we put a conventional roof on, we likely wouldn't have to replace it in that time. Would a metal roof make sense in terms of resale value?
Dick Bus
I think it does make economic sense for you. About the time you would be moving into a retirement home you will most likely need to replace the asphlat shigles again, where as a metal roof will continue to perform; provided you use a quality metal roofing product. As members of the Metal Roofing Alliance all manufacturers agree to a minimum standard of quality. Otherwise ask for the Metal Construction Association certified products.

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