Snow Stop Installation

Peter Martin
I'm ready to install continuous snow stop on my standing seam panels on a 4/12 pitch and was wondering if there is any commonly accepted distance from the edge. On a previous installation I put the stop 24" up from the edge but have recently been advised to put it closer to the edge, perhaps 6". We don't usually get a lot of snow but occasionally get accumulations of 2' or more and I've had an experience of snow sliding off the panels and ripping the gutters off. Thanks.
David Stermer
Peter, Thanks for the question. Placing the snow retention system within a foot of the eave end of the panels is common. The farther up the slope the retention system is, the more snow is free to come off the building. On the other hand, the retention system should be far enough from the end to accomplisha secure attachment to the panel. Regards, David Stermer

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