Jake Sweede
Bat Project
Our metal roof is 24 years old and has been great except for keeping bats from entering the ridges and the peak ends (the home is an A frame). We have had bat problems since day one and we think it is due to the metal ridge and chimney flashing. The ridge cap is nothing more than sheet metal folded over along the ridge. Since the corrugated roofiing panels run with vertical ribs, there are gapping openings where the ribs meet the ridge. Note: we do not need a ventilated ridge as the A frame has 35' high peaks and no attic (plenty of air movement). Our plan is to replace the current ridge with something that completely block those gaps. Attached is a picture that shows the ridge cap where it meets up witht he chimney. Thanks for any input.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are screened products available and also products like ProfileVent which may work well for you. Proper ventilation requires intake and exhaust. Normally the eave soffit vents are the intake and ridge vent (or something else near the peak) is the exhaust.

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