keith koenning
Nine year old roof, Metal Sales minibatten, 12" panels, 1" standing seam, roof pitch 3.2/12. Warm roof composed as follows: tongue and groove ceiling, tuff-r polyisocyanurate insulation, 5/8 plywood decking, 30lb felt, standing seam steel panels . Problem area has runs of 30+ feet from rake to eave. Leaks are at a point 10' above the eave, in other words, toward the end of the runs, which happen to be over a screen porch. A square skylight, in the screen porch, unfortunately is perpendicular to the standing seams, and therefore water pools behind the skylight and goes over the seam covers. Leaks result and due to the insulation and plywood, the water leaks through the porch ceiling in places unrelated to the point of entry on the roof. Leaks are most prominent in heavy rains of 1" or more in an hour. Is caulking on these long runs on each side of the seam cover where it meets the panel a viable option?
Dick Bus
Caulking each side will do nothing to stop the leaks. The skylight was not properly flashed and needs to be redone. Contact Metal Sales for their recommendation regarding skylights or square penetrations. If they are not able to provide you with a detailed drawing or video let me know and I will send some recommendations to you. I can be reached at [email protected]
David Stermer
Keith, I agree with Dick, that caulking the seams will not help. It sounds like the skylight is not properly flashed and it will leak until it is corrected. Water must be free to flow around the skylight. My email is [email protected] can send guidance of flashing around this kind of opening. Regards, Davdi Stermer

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